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Do I need to book? And how?

Yes reservation is required at all times for any activity in Adrenalin Park , to ensure we have availability for you and our equipment are ready. Just call us on 0111 0014 177 or 0122 500 1008.

What are your opening hours?

Working all week but Reservation required by calling 0122 500 1008 or 0111 0014 177

How far in advance should I book?

If you need specific day and time then as far in advance as possible please. For flexible groups, couple of days in advanced usually will be ok.

Where is this place?

We are in Sheikh Zayed, 6 of October City, 4 km from Juhayna Sq. Infront of Beverly Hills. Please check our Contact Us & Map page for details.

How big should the paintball group be?

To best enjoy the missions, we recommend 8 or more players. We can host up to hundred players in one group. If you are very few, you can still play but missions will be limited or you can book in our mixed group, where you can join other customers to make bigger group on Saturday evening.

What is the suitabke age for Paintball, Aqua and Laser?

We recommend more than 10 years for Paintball as younger kids might cry when getting shot plus the gun is heavy. We recommend Laser Tag or Aqua Fight for the small kids or just trying their shooying skills by shooting paintball at the shooting range. Laser is suitable for kids between 5 years and 14 years. Aqua is stuitable for all ages starting from 3 years.

Does it hurt?

If you get shot from less than 5 meters yes it hurts, so the rule is no shooting from less than 5 meters and you should ask your opponent to surrender instead of shooting.

Do we have referees?

Yes, there are referees inside the fields to ensure rules are followed.

Is it safe?

Don’t worry about the paint, it’s washable, non-toxic, non-marking and surely environmental-friendly. And as per the statistics, it is safer than tennis and golf, as long as you stick to the game rules.

What is the time for the Paintball games?

There is no time restriction. You play different rounds till you finish your bullets and you don’t want to refill. Usually people spend 3 to 4 hours in our venue, between getting the equipment, dressing, learning the game rules, trying their guns in the shooting range, taking photos, playing the games, taking a shower, having a quick drink / sandwich and of course laughing and having fun with their friends.

What should I wear?

We recommend sports pants and shirt, or anything comfortable. We also recommend you bring an extra T-shirt, socks and a towel, should you like to have a quick shower after the action (yes we do have hot water showers, safe lockers and very clean changing/washrooms) For Aqua, swimming suit, crocs or slippers.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have showers, hot water and towels.

Will the paint stain my clothes?

No, our paint is washable. You will also be wearing our dry cleaned overall.

What do you do for Birthdays?

We understand that Birthday is a special day, so we treat Birthdays and the Birthday Person with special care on this occasion. We assign birthday manager for this event, who is responsible for all the logistics of this occasion. We provide private pergola and decorate it with simple balloons. If you require fancy decoration, we outsource it to decoration birthday company and the birthday manager supervises their work. You choose one or more Adrenalin activity for the Birthday; Paintball, Aqua, Laser and Treasure Hunt. We provide the birthday person special equipment and assign him special task in the games, so he feels special. We can arrange the logistics for serving the food from Euro Deli. The Birthday manager will make sure the food is served hot, delicious and on time. We prefer working with our approved supplier to ensure quality service. Beverage can be consumed directly from our cafeteria. Our approved supplier, Cakes Gone Wild, can customize the cake with your prefer theme and ingredients. The Birthday Manager will store the cake and serve it on the agreed time and play birthday songs. You can also order extra activities as inflatables or other birthday related items and the birthday manager will take care of its logistics. All we aim to is to make your Birthday Memorable.

Is the Laser Fight harmful for kids?

Laser guns are using Infrared beam as the TV Remote control. It is very safe as per the USA safety regulations.

How long does the Shoot Me If You Can game take?

It takes around 20 minutes before the beginning of the game for orientation and getting ready. Then, each player has 4-5 minutes each for the shooting.

How long does the Shooting Range Practice take?

Each player is provided with 50 bullets, the average time is around 15 minutes.

How many number of players are needed for the game?

At least 2 players in each team (total of 4 players per game). There is no maximum number restriction.

What should i do to arrange Birthday Party in Adrenalin?

We arrange more than 150 Birthday Annually. Just call us on 01152335234.. We will arrange everything for the Birthday Party.. Check http://www.adrenalinegypt.com/PlanYourEvent.aspx for more details.