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  • Are your students bored from regular trips?
  • It is not creating the engagement that you’re expecting?
  • You want them to have fun while learning team work.
  • Then it doesn’t matter if you are a high school or a university, Adrenalin Park has the catering for all your needs      

Paintball Fight,  Aqua fight, Laser Fight and Shoot Me If You Can can be tailored to meet the requirements of all age groups and insure endless level of fun while insuring that all the students will be engaged and bond together, this trip is what they will speak about for week later, while we will insure that we enhance their leadership and decision making skills. We have served big number of universities as AUC, MSA, MUST, Cairo University and more. Our School list includes but not limited to AIS, Choueifat, DEO, Smart Village, Heritage, BSE, GPIS, MLS, Manor House, Solymenaya, etc.

Adrenalin also offer food and beverage service. Adrenalin Meal Menu

All You need is to Call us on 011 5233 5234 ..... And we will arrange everything :)