Paintball is One of the Top Adventurous Safe Sports were players compete using Air Pressured Guns, which Fire Gelatin Colored Balls. Its Simulation to Battle Field in a very Exciting and Energetic way. The main equipment of the game are Markers (Guns), Paintballs (Bullets), Mask, Overalls, Protection Suit and Gloves.

Bazooka Fight

1st Bazooka Ball Arena in the Middle East. It is the Children Friendly version of Paintball, instead of Paint balls we use air soft balls, which are spongy &light. Its courts are safely design for kids

Laser Fight

Adrenalin Combat Zone is the Most Realistic Laser Fight Arena in the Middle East. On 1,000 Sq. M. Multi-Level Fully Themed Indoor Arenas, Players must use their Laser Guns toTag their Opponents to complete Special Forces Tactical Missions. In “The City” Arena,Players will be running out of Jail, between Houses, in Rural Markets, to Urban Streets Surrounded byGunfire Sound Effects to complete an Impossible Mission in this Crazy City, while in “The Factory” Arena, Players will know that it’s not a regular Factory but a Chemical Weapon Development Center, and theirMission is to Kill the FactoryBoss in order to Save the World The old Laser Storm Technology is over. Now all Electronics communicate Wireless using Safe Infrared and Radio Frequencies. Missions are customization based on the age and group size. Age start from 10 years. Score is Displayed and Printed after each Mission.

Treasure Hunt

Nothing could be more tempting to satisfy the sense of curiosity and exploration than Adrenalin Customized Treasure Hunt. Adrenalin's Treasure Hunt is tailored made to suit each age set of skills and abilities. The clues are Funny Challenges, IQ questions, Riddles Exploration of hidden safe spots, etc.

Aqua Fight

Aqua Fight is Adrenalin Best Game for Summer Time. Players combat using Water Guns or Water Bomb to splash their opponents. Adrenalin water guns can shoot upto 10 meters. Water bombs can be shot from catapults or long-range launchers.


Basic 1

Light package

Light gun

75 Bullets

220 EGP


50 Bullets

Only 70 EGP

100 Bullets

Only 120 EGP

1000 Bullets

Only 1000 EGP


Only 130 EGP

Basic 2

Normal package

Normal gun

Chest vest

100 Bullets

250 EGP

Basic 3

Special package

Special Gun

Swat Jacket

100 Bullets

300 EGP

Loaded package 1


Special Gun

Swat Jacket

300 Bullets

400 EGP

Loaded package 2


Special gun + pistol

SWAT jacket

400 Bullets

500 EGP



Adrenalin Experience is a specialized Co. in experiential learning, team building & corporate event Management. Adrenalin Experience developed the ultimate team building outdoor experience in the Middle East. With team building and bonding being the rule of the day, men and women from all ages compete on equal terms; regardless of their physical ability. Rather, it is the ability to think fast and decisively, while communicating and working with teammates, that creates winning teams.


Leila Eloui

My Family and Myself enjoyed it a lot in Adrenalin, We had lots of Fun along with our Friends

Perry Kandil

The place was perfect for the kids and as a birthday location. The kids loved Aqua Fight, a perfectly new idea and Joud had a blast. Adrenalin’s team was also very helpful. Thank you.

Omia Aly

I did my son’s birthday at Adrenalin and it was amazing!! He and his friends had a blast!! The crew team was helpful and nice. It was a wonderful experience :)

Carrie, Aqua

@ Sheikh Khaled BenLaden's farm "Thank you Sara. Your team did a great job, the kids had a blast with the Aqua and i thank you for organizing everything with such efficiency and at such short notice."


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EL Sheikh Zayed

  •   STREET 3, GATE 1,EL HEZAM EL AKHDAR (6 OCTOBAR AGRICULTURE CO),ElSheikh Zayed, In front of Beverly Hills


  • Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday
    12:00 – 18:00
  • Thursday
    12:00 – 20:00
  • Friday & Saturday
    12:00 – 20:00

Dandy Mall

  •   Cairo Alexandria Desert Road, 28KM


  • Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday
  • Thursday-Friday-Saturday

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