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ADRENALIN Park is the only Outdoors Recreation Venue in Egypt specialized in providing Adrenalin-Rush games in a very safe environment for all ages focusing on Paintball, Laser Fight, Aqua Fight and Treasure Hunt. Adrenalin serves both Corporate and Retail Clients; in Adrenalin Venue and in External Events.

The adrenalin rush that comes from a day in Adrenalin will make you feel Fresh and Happy.
It will leave bonding memories that will be remembered for a very long period.

Adrenalin Guarantee

ADRENALIN Paintball hosts the largest paintball fields in the Middle East and one of the best venues world wide.
All fields (Armageddon, Village and Castle) are scenario and missions based, which makes you experience a real battle in a safe and fun environment. All fields were designs and supervised by Nathan Poels, Belgium Paintball Champion and Consultant. Adrenalin was managed by Nathan for almost 2 years, where he implemented all process and rules, which made Adrenalin #1 Venue in the Middle East . Adrenalin use wide variety of Paintball Markers (Guns) as AK47, Sniper, M16 Family, Ouzi, Hand Grenade, etc. which maximize your experience and makes your day in Adrenalin unforgettable. Suitable 10+ years old.

Armageddon: Design inspired by "Call of Duty" game on 1,800 meter square, can take up to 28 players in the same mission. Best Missions are (1) Team Death (2) Transfer Confidential Information through Satellite (3) Move  VIP to Helicopter Base (4) Rescue Hostage (5) Snipers across the street (6) Medic (7) Head and Neck Kill (8) Long Game (9) Free for All  

The Village: Design inspired by Upper Egypt Tradition Fights between Families "ELTar" on 1,800 meter square, can take up to 28 players in the same mission. Best Missions are (1) Capture the Flag (2) Team Death (3) Medic (4) Head and Neck Kill (5) Long Game (6) Free for All

The Castle: Design inspired by "AlJezira" Movie for Ahmed ElSakka 3,600 meter square, the biggest court in North Africa, can take up to 70 players in the same mission. Best Missions are (1) Dominate 3 Bases from 5 Bases (2) Protect the Castle (3) Team Death (4) Medic (5) Head and Neck Kill (6) Long Game (7) Free for All

The Bunkers: This is not a normal Inflatable Bunkers Field. This is a themed Inflatable field with Inflatable Tanks, Cars, Walls, Boxes and Barrels. This is the most Professional Field because most of the bunkers are Low. Best Missions are (1) Capture the Flag (2) Team Death Match (3) Head and Neck Kill

"Shoot Me If You Can"  is the youngster version of Paintball Fight, for kids below 10 years, where they shoot at Human Metal Targets in the Armageddon court instead of shooting at each other. Kids are split to 2 teams,  and run and shot at the scattered targets one after the other. Head shot is 3 points and body shot is 1 point. At least 4 facilitators manage the game to help the kids shoot, count the score and make sure all kids are safe. Suitable for 5 to 10 years old.

ADRENALIN Laser Fight is the latest technology for Laser Tag (the old Laser Storm in the 90th).  Live the military experience and fight in a very safe game using Infra Red technology (like the TV Remote Control ray) and get your results from your gun screen or the computer. Suitable for 5 to 10 years years old.  

ADRENALIN Aqua Fight is the First Water Fight Arena. Adrenalin Facilitators make the games more fun with our exciting missions. Suitable for all ages from 3 years up to the age you stop Having Fun..

ADRENALIN OLYMPICS is a series of games where the participant compete to acheive certain goal. The goals require team work, communication, leadership, etc. Although Adrenalin started the olympics as a corporate game, now the Mini Olympics is one of the very attractive games for the kids in Birthday Parties..

ADRENALIN Treasure Hunt is a very interesting game for all ages. Clues include Funny activities, IQ Questions, Physical Challenge, Team Work tasks, etc. Adrenalin Treasure Hunt is an excellent tool to help corporates deliver learning messages in clear and experimental method. Explorer Kids also love it.  Clues differ depending on age, event objective and group size. Suitable for all ages from 5 years up to the age you stop Having Fun...

Adrenalin facilities are made to help our Customers enjoy a full outdoor day. It includes Cafeteria which offers hot sandwiches, snacks, beverage, Icecream, etc. Our bathrooms include showers and lockers. Our pergolas are surrounded by entertaining music.

For Paintball: You will dress our semi-water proof overall. You can dress our overall on your normal clothes, so we recommend you wear sportswear which will help you run, jump, hide, crawl,....etc. If the paint passed to your clothes, please don't worry as our paint will get out by just washing it with water.

For Aqua Fight: Bring your swimming suit and slippers/crocs. We also have raining suits. 

For Laser Fight, Shoot me if you Can, Treasure Hunt or Olympics: Dress any thing which can help you run.
Working all week but Reservation required by calling  0111 0014 177 or 0122 500 1008